4 Remarkable SMS Marketing Success Stories

SMSwarriors: SMS Marketing Success Stories

4 SMS Marketing Campaigns That Delivered Wonderful Results

SMS is a true marketing treasure trove – it’s immediate, it’s personal, and it provides a direct way of engaging with customers.

This technology burst onto the communications scene in the late 90s, and some brands have really managed to capitalise on it to extend their reach.

Here are a couple of success stories from companies that have taken advantage of mobile marketing, and made the most out of this immensely powerful tool.

SMS Marketing Success Stories #1: Jack in the Box

Let’s have a look at the fast food chain, Jack in the Box. Here’s a company that’s really zeroed in onto how effective a coupon can be.

They started a text message campaign that offered a coupon for two free tacos with any purchase. All customers had to do was text a code word. Customers then received an image text and a set of instructions – in this case, to click on the image to receive their coupon.

Jack in the Box ran this alongside an identical email campaign – redemption rates were 3 to 5 times higher for SMS.

Interestingly, western-themed food chain Texas Roadhouse ran a similar campaign offering subscribers a free appetiser as part of their call-to-action and boosting their database by 60,000 subscribers in the process.

Even though their email campaign did much better than the one run by Jack in the Box – it was the SMS users that ate there more often, and who displayed the most loyalty.

SMS Marketing Success Stories #2: Taco Bell

Like Jack in the Box, Taco Bell also offered their customers something free – in this case a Free Frutista Freeze.

The freebie came with the purchase of any food item after they subscribed.

Their efforts, which were boosted by advertising on traditional media, earned them 13,000 new SMS subscribers within the first 5 weeks of their SMS broadcast campaign.

An impressive 93% were still subscribed to the campaign after 5 weeks.

SMS Marketing Success Stories #3: Kiehl’s

Upscale beauty chain Kiehl’s ran a fruitful campaign that combined SMS marketing with geo-tagging.

Participants were asked to text a message to a short code number in order to be entered into the programme.

The company then released 3 location-based text messages every month – based on the recipient’s vicinity to their nearest Kiehl’s.

At the end of the 6-month pilot program, 73% of customers that had signed up to the campaign had made a purchase.

A survey released after the campaign revealed that 81% of respondents remembered receiving a message from Kiehl’s.

SMS Marketing Success Stories #4: 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s broad reach across the US means looking after their many clients is a top priority.

The brand combined an SMS marketing campaign with the 7-Eleven app and initiated a Free Coffee Week campaign with the aim of offering their loyal customers rewards, and at the same time, enticing them to download their app.

The company sent out an SMS informing customers that downloading their app would entitle them to a free hot drink.

The message was sent out on a Sunday, capitalising on the fact that customers always go for a morning coffee first thing on a Monday at the start of their working week. The idea worked, producing excellent results for 7-Eleven.

SMS Marketing in the Retail Industry

These brands have managed to really excel in the dark arts of SMS text marketing.

This ability to harness the exceptional versatility of SMS translated into a very tidy profit for the companies involved.

SMS messages are a low-cost way to promote an offer effectively, whilst also allowing marketers to zone in on key demographics and the geographic location.

If you’re looking to boost your business in a direct and significant way, you could do worse than look to the success stories above for inspiration and guidance.

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