Action! Powerful CTAs for SMS in any industry

Action! Powerful CTAs for SMS in any industry

In any industry, when it comes to marketing, the call-to-action or CTA is one of the most important and relevant pieces of the puzzle. It drives the audience to respond or act on the campaign be it to “call now”, “order now”, “visit today” or “find out more” If you have not triggered an action in your campaign from the customer, you have not created a very successful marketing campaign.

To create a good campaign, you need to grab the customer’s attention by providing an offer that has a clear outline and value to it. One that will engage the customer and make them want to click on the campaign. Once you can do this, you are already on your way to a successful campaign.

In the end, it all boils down to a few ground rules that should be followed at all times along with powerful call-to-action words aimed at provoking a response. We have supplied you with a small guide below on how to come up with successful CTA’s that can be widely used in any industry.

But before we get to the CTA, first we must make sure we have these points in the body of the message:

  • A brief open-ended no obligations statement about the product or service you are promoting and/or why they should try the service
  • Give them instructions as to the action or direction you would like them to take
  • Encourage an immediate response rather than a delayed response

After these are factored into your message, the next step is the actual call to action.  If you research, you will see that there are not many different variations of call-to-actions. Some of the most powerful and popular ones we have already mentioned above. However, everything should connect and work together in order to have a successful marketing campaign – the message leading up to the CTA and the CTA itself.

Depending on your industry, you will know which CTA’s will work best for you whether you are trying to make the customer perform a purchase, subscribe to your product or service, click for more information or enter a competition.

Some CTA examples

Why not try it today?” Is a perfect CTA that covers everything from service providers to products.

Click today to subscribe” Can be used e.g. for bookstores/clubs, magazines, online shopping sites, newsletters etc. Any industry that requires their clients to subscribe.

Buy Now” – You should be careful to only use this if you already have a specific sale page to direct your clients to. It is recommended to not send them to a  generic or home website where the customer now has to search for that special offer or deal that was advertised to them.

Show this coupon in store” – A very powerful CTA, the new trends with mobile coupons where you can receive discounts in any industry from restaurants to retail stores by just showing the special code texted to you.

And there you have a few CTA examples and pointers to use in everyday SMS marketing for your optimal business performance.