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Global Telecoms Awards (Glotel), the countdown begins!

SMSwarriors News: Global Telecoms Awards (Glotel), the countdown begins!

Global Telecoms Awards (Glotel), the countdown begins! The Global Telecoms Awards recognise innovation from any company involved in advancing and transforming today’s telecoms industry. This includes service providers, vendors, solutions providers, consultancies and anything in between. Now in its 5th year, the prestigious industry awards have become a key highlight of the telecoms calendar, with a real value attached…

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How to Use Bulk SMS for Gyms and Leisure Centres

SMSwarriors: Bulk SMS for Gyms

Bulk SMS Marketing for Fitness Business Growth Right, left and center- luxury leisure centers and gyms are springing up. In a world where we are more health conscious than ever it comes as no surprise gym memberships are peaking. For those of you that own a gym, or are considering a start-up you will know…

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Vodafone Launch Crackdown on Advertising

SMSwarriors News: Vodafone Launch Crackdown on Advertising

Vodafone is releasing a crackdown on its global policy Telecommunications giants Vodafone has announced it is working closely with Google and Facebook to create a ‘’white-list’’ of safe and approved sites in which its advertising can be seen. Vodafone is releasing a crackdown on its global policy to stop its advertising appearing in unauthorized places.…

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Goodbye Vertu, as 200 set to lose jobs

SMSwarriors News: Goodbye Vertu

Vertu has announced the company has gone into liquidation High end luxury phone brand Vertu has announced the company has gone into liquidation, with 200 employees set to lose their jobs. The owner of British luxury phone maker Vertu has failed to rescue the company from bankruptcy. Sadly, now the days are numbered for the…

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Our top ten text facts, as SMS turns 25!

SMSwarriors: SMS text facts

SMS Text Facts: As the mighty SMS turns an incredible 25 in 2017, we here at SMS warriors stumbled through the vibrant history of SMS, to bring together some fascinating SMS facts! 1: The first SMS ever sent was Merry Christmas? The SMS was sent by Vodafone engineering employee Neil Papworth on December 3rd, 1992!…

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How Can Bulk SMS Outperform Other Marketing Means?

SMSwarriors: Bulk SMS Outperform Other Marketing

Traditional Marketing and Bulk SMS Marketing: Marketing is crucial to any business and we know that there are many methods to market your product or service. We here at SMSwarriors know exactly how powerful  SMS marketing can be when used efficiently. Though how exactly does SMS text message marketing outperform other more traditional methods? Let us…

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SMS vs Social Media

SMSwarriors: SMS vs Social Media

SMS vs Social Media: Difference Between SMS and Social Media With every business keen to jump on board the social media marketing bandwagon, where does this leave the humble SMS? Yes, we know social media is free, but how else can it compare in a war against SMS? It goes without saying both remain unique…

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Calling all affiliates!

SMSwarriors: Calling All Affiliates

SMS Marketing for Affiliates: Are you using SMS marketing in your business model? If not, why not? SMS marketing provides an opportunity to directly reach your client base. Copious marketing research suggests, when clients get a message from you they will open it. 98% of SMS messages are read, compared to 22% of emails which…

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The rise of SMS in the financial sector

SMS & Financial Sector: Over the recent years, a trend has been noted in the mobile banking sector with SMS pins, passwords, and log-in details. More people than ever are accessing banking services through their smartphone devices. A recent report by Clockwork noted that banks send an incredible 1.3 million SMS alerts per day. With…

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June SMSwarriors platform updates

SMSwarriors: Platform updates

SMSwarriors platform updates We are constantly improving our system based on our client’s feedback. They are our stars, and we hear them! We are pleased to launch the following updates: Create a list on the fly during import. Would you like to quickly create a list before importing? We’ve got you covered; just start the…

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Our Top Autocorrect SMS fails!

SMSwarriors: Autocorrect SMS

Autocorrect SMS fails: Absolutely any soul with the capacity to send an SMS through a smartphone will tell you how perilously easy it can be to send an autocorrect ”Fail”. One tap too many or one strike too little, and you could end up looking you have been on the Gin since daybreak or an…

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