5 SMS Marketing ideas to boost your Christmas sales


How to increase Christmas sales using SMS 

The music is festive, the decorations are sparkling, and shoppers will be starting to search for ideal Christmas gifts for loved ones very soon, which means the busiest period for marketers in most industries is upon us.

While Christmas is doubtlessly a great opportunity for businesses to drive sales and benefit from the craziness of the key shopping period of the year, the competition is brutal. As a retailer, you have to think of the ways to grab the attention of consumers and give them a viable reason to spend money buying gifts, food, drinks and other festive fare from you, not anyone else.

What better way to advertise Christmas deals than with SMS? Average click-through rate of SMS is 36% which is 40x more than Facebook advertising and 10x more than Email marketing. Text messages can be an effective way to get the customers on board with you and notify them about sales, deals and other holiday offers. Use SMS marketing and see sales jumping better than expected.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Flash sales:

Retailers can stage an exclusive flash sale. Discounted prices are always a powerful force for driving sales, but the number of shoppers who are hitting stores and websites in search of bargains at Christmas time increases at an alarming rate. You can send an sms to your customers to help them to get their holiday shopping complete without breaking the bank.

Free Shipping:

Lots of action takes place online these days, especially when it comes to festive period when many shoppers are giving the benefit to the online shopping. Choosing to bargain hunt from under the duvet to avoid having to battle large crowds and wait long queues makes perfect sense. So why not advertise free shipping with SMS this year? Free shipping seems to be the most anticipated promotion and can be a powerful force for driving sales.

Last minute shoppers:

Just 17% have done their festive shopping more than a month ahead of Christmas according to the research. One third have admitted leaving their holiday shopping to the last minute. Use SMS text marketing to offer the last-minute deals — this is just what the panic-stricken shoppers are looking for. Send your SMS with promotional sales a few days before or on the actual day of Christmas. Reaching out for those who are panicking to put something under the tree can be the peak opportunity to get them on board and increase your sales.

Exclusive sales:

What makes someone feel special? It’s having something no one else does. The key is to make it clear that your SMS recipients are the only ones who can take advantage of the deal. Approach your customers by sending them an exclusive discount code; or let them feel like insiders by sending a unique sale deal which hasn’t been announced anywhere else.

After Christmas sales:

With most people on holiday, after-Christmas promotions can be even more beneficial for retailers than pre-Christmas period. Send a text message on or after Boxing Day while focusing on discounts and special pricing to get the bargain hunters on board.

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