How to Use Bulk SMS for Gyms and Leisure Centres

SMSwarriors: Bulk SMS for Gyms

Bulk SMS Marketing for Fitness Business Growth

Right, left and center- luxury leisure centers and gyms are springing up. In a world where we are more health conscious than ever it comes as no surprise gym memberships are peaking. For those of you that own a gym, or are considering a start-up you will know all too well the tough competition that this endeavor proposes. Gyms rely on memberships, and for successful memberships, this requires constant satisfaction of gym users. Quite simply if customers are not satisfied they will vote with their feet and go to the next gym.

So, after a high decor refurbishment, and equipping your place with the best machinery on the market have you considered how SMS may play an integral part in maintaining your success? Here are our top  ways to use SMS in your business plan

Membership renewals

It goes without saying a quick SMS can remind customers that their expiry is near, and the need to renew. You can also SMS any outstanding debts or issues with standing orders.

Inform members of open days and exclusive offers

Whether it is a charity fundraiser, or bringing along a pal for free, of course, you can also use SMS marketing to promote special offers to potential and existing customers. For the existing customers, it might be that you have exciting offers on supplements and gym clothing, for example. Remind them to pick up your best deals next time they’re in the gym. Potential or lapsed customers might appreciate knowing that you have special offers on memberships should they wish to join or rejoin. This can be a particularly powerful strategy at New Year or just before summer when people are most conscious of getting into shape.

Personalized work out plans and diets

SMS messaging can be used as a virtual personal trainer when combined with the information collected by the gym during an induction. For instance, for your users who have embarked upon weight loss as their ultimate goal, you can shape your advice and diet tips to accommodate their needs. Send recipes for low-fat diets just before meal times and offer suggestions on how to burn more calories throughout the day. Not only will your customers love this personal touch, it will also help to keep them on track for their targets and fundamentally, keep them coming to the gym.

Inform of spaces in classes and peak/off-peak times

The majority of gym users prefer a quiet gym. There are many reasons for this. Some because they are self-conscious and others because they like to have free choice of the machines and equipment without the need to wait. Drum up extra footfall during quiet times by sending out SMS messages to alert gym users that the gym is quiet and therefore would be the best time to head down and take advantage. You can also use this as a feature to command attendance at under-subscribed classes or to fill the places from last minute dropouts.

Daily Motivation

It’s very important for the gym users to stay motivated in order to reach their fitness goals. You can keep them inspired by sending SMS about their personal bests, details and motivational quotes they will surely appreciate.

All you need is a reliable and easy to use Bulk SMS messaging platform.

If you would like to get started with SMS, feel free to try our service and we promise to get the best results! Use SMSwarriors to make SMS work for you.