How to Use SMS Marketing in the Travel and Tourism Industry

SMSwarriors: SMS Marketing for Travel and Tourism

How Travel and Tourism Companies Use Text Messaging

The tourism industry is prone to constant uncertainty: the chances of travel plans becoming subject to last minute changes are high.

Having instantaneous communication at your fingertips is useful, which is why SMS text messaging finds itself as the go-to device in a travel company’s utility belt.

There’s no better way to appeal to new customers and net great reviews than by providing great customer service.

Preventing delays and cancellations is not within your power as a travel operator, but you can keep frustrations from running over by keeping customers informed. Nothing does this more effectively than an SMS text message.

Unlike an email, an SMS can reach its target almost anywhere. Stranded tourists with no internet connection can still access a text. This is especially useful in emergency situations when travellers may need to evacuate.

Another benefit of SMS is its unobtrusive nature. Receiving an SMS travel update intrudes far less on a customer’s day when compared with other forms of communication, such as phone calls.

A text can be read silently in any situation, including designated quiet areas in airports and on trains.

How to use SMS in the Travel and Tourism Industry:

  • Reward your customers and increase sales.

An effective way to expand your business and ensure retention of regular customers is through an SMS loyalty scheme. Travel vouchers or special deals can also be a useful tool to entice potential customers – particularly when experiencing leaner times.

A great way to reach out to new customers is to include a short code and keyword in messages when advertising. This gives potential customers a useful way to make their interest known. Last-minute deals are also rising in popularity amongst marketers.

As these offers are time-sensitive, they need to be advertised straight away – SMS has become the go-to platform for this.

It is also ideal for targeting certain demographics, when for example, advertising deals on last-minute flights.

There is little point in targeting customers who live too far away to use the deal in time. Tailor-made marketing of this kind can help to save costs and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

  • Offer customers peace of mind.

There’s nothing worse than spending precious holiday time trying to secure tickets to an event. Marketers can make booking an easier experience by capitalising on the reach and convenience of SMS messaging.

One way to do this is to provide secure, trackable tickets that can be sent out through SMS.

Text messages confirming a booking will also help put customers in a great frame of mind, so they can relax, and enjoy their holiday.

Using SMS marketing is an excellent way to build your brand as a company.

Providing high-quality customer support will increase your customer loyalty, lead to repeat business and strengthen your reputation within the industry.

A professional, trustworthy service is essential to a successful travel and tourism business.

SMS continues to be an invaluable tool at the disposal of the service industries. There are a number of ways to capitalise on the power of the SMS, and the tourism industry is a primary beneficiary of this tried, tested and true form of communication.


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