How to Use Bulk SMS Messaging in the Manufacturing Industry

SMSwarriors: Bulk SMS Messaging in the Manufacturing

SMS Marketing tips that will grow your manufacturing business

When we think about the manufacturing industry, it is ultimately the underpinning and back bone of any given country, but how exactly can bulk SMS be incorporated into the world of manufacturing? Let us give you a few key ways in which SMSwarriors can help!

-Use SMS to send dispatch and delivery updates

What better way to keep your customers updated on the whereabouts of an order than by a simple SMS? This keeps your business at the forefront of your customers’ mind, messages like ‘’Your order number 49763 is now out for delivery’’ remind your customers of your efficient work.

-Use SMS to send bills/invoices

After delivery, there comes invoicing. There’s no need to remain to chase clients when a straightforward SMS can remind them of the amount due, it is an impeccable marketing strategy that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

-Use SMS to send sales and exclusive discount updates

Once your customer is already known to you, and on your SMS list, they are already interested in your products or business. Sending out an SMS of an upcoming sales or discount day is a great way to lure them back to spend with you. You can also send out flash sale updates, such as a tempting offer only available for the next 24 hours.

-Similar products

If you know your customer has just bought product A, the chances are that you may have other similar products that may interest them. An SMS is a great way to inform them about other ranges you have that they may not know about yet.

-Upcoming product launches

SMS is a powerful way to inform your clients of a new product coming up, or remind them to pre-order with you. This is super effective as once the product comes out, the customer will already be aware of it, thanks to you, and much more likely to remember you!

-Minor issues.

SMS is also a really efficient way to inform your customers of any product issues, problems or defects. You can send them details of a batch recall, of course, this means replacing a product but this kind of gesture and honesty customers really appreciate.

Set yourself aside from the competition, and include SMS into the world of manufacturing today.


All you need is a reliable and easy to use SMS messaging platform.

If you would like to get started with SMS, feel free to try our service and we promise to get the best results! Use SMSwarriors to make SMS work for you.