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How to Use SMS and Skyrocket Your Affiliate Business

SMSwarriors: Affiliate Marketers SMS

SMS Marketing for Affiliates  Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically over the years. As new technologies enter the fray, affiliates who have leapt on the bandwagon have seen success within their niche. A rise in improved technology has paved the way for mobile marketing. Users can shop easily from any device, leading to increased sales. SMS…

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Blockchain in the Telecommunication Industry

SMSwarriors Blockchain in the telecommunication industry

Blockchain in the Telecommunication Industry: A Beginning of New Era The blockchain technology is currently one of the most widely debated topics. The fast-changing technology has the potential to bring about revolutionary levels of transparency. As it is still a relatively young technology – industry-wide standards and regulation are still in their infancy. Despite this, it…

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5 Reasons for Small Businesses to Adopt SMS Marketing

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for small businesses

SMS Marketing for Small Businesses If you’re a savvy small business owner, you’re probably already actively trying to acquire new customers by any means available to you. The real question is – how to start small? Real-world experience shows that customer acquisition is the most challenging part of building a startup. Getting the word out…

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Top Trending Mobile Marketing Strategies 2018

SMSwarriors Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing Strategies 2018 It’s the time of year for future gazing, so here are four mobile marketing strategies to look out for in 2018 We have the world at our fingertips. With our attention turning away from the long-established forms of advertising, the power of the mobile phone cannot be denied. It has changed the…

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Top iGaming companies are turning to SMS Marketing

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for iGaming

Some of the world’s largest iGaming companies are developing successful SMS marketing strategies — and there are good reasons for that Online gaming is one of the world’s largest growth markets. According to statistics, the industry more than doubled since 2009 and is forecast to grow at an even more astonishing pace. With such a…

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5 SMS Marketing ideas to boost your Christmas sales


How to increase Christmas sales using SMS  The music is festive, the decorations are sparkling, and shoppers will be starting to search for ideal Christmas gifts for loved ones very soon, which means the busiest period for marketers in most industries is upon us. While Christmas is doubtlessly a great opportunity for businesses to drive…

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SMS Marketing for Nightclubs & Bars

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for Nightclubs

How can nightclubs benefit from SMS Marketing? Remember the old days of marketing for the hottest parties and nightclubs? Colorful flyers posted on every available surface and DJ’s on the radio stations hyping up their listeners to come out and party like its 1999? Well, 1999 is long gone and 2017 is almost over. That…

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SMS Marketing for Universities & Educational Institutions

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for Universities

SMS Marketing is the most direct communication channel available. It’s instant deliverability and personal nature makes it more productive channel. Higher education sector is one of most active and engaging industry sectors in the world. Institutions are always in search for an optimal solution to stay engaged with the student community. Statistics suggest that the youngsters…

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How to Use Bulk SMS for Gyms and Leisure Centres

SMSwarriors: Bulk SMS for Gyms

Bulk SMS Marketing for Fitness Business Growth Right, left and center- luxury leisure centers and gyms are springing up. In a world where we are more health conscious than ever it comes as no surprise gym memberships are peaking. For those of you that own a gym, or are considering a start-up you will know…

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Our top ten text facts, as SMS turns 25!

SMSwarriors: SMS text facts

SMS Text Facts: As the mighty SMS turns an incredible 25 in 2017, we here at SMS warriors stumbled through the vibrant history of SMS, to bring together some fascinating SMS facts! 1: The first SMS ever sent was Merry Christmas? The SMS was sent by Vodafone engineering employee Neil Papworth on December 3rd, 1992!…

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