A glimpse into SMSwarriors family getaway

SMSwarriors: family getaway

Family getaways are the best way to bond


The beginning of December saw all of the SMSwarriors team members come together for the first ever team building getaway. Our young company continues to grow and because we are a dynamic company, we want to keep that fierce magnetism between us, making us an even stronger and charismatic group.

So we were all whisked away to Gozo in a beautiful, fully equipt mansion of a farmhouse complete with an outdoor pool for a day and a half of fun to get to know each other even more personally and have some well-deserved fun consisting of:

  • Team building activities
  • Sightseeing
  • Traditional meals around Gozo
  • And of course, lots fermented grape juice 😉 for the unwind.

Blessings from God himself

The weather that day could not have been more accommodating with a perfectly clear bright and sunny day.

God himself was smiling down on his Warriors.

It started with an early ferry ride from Malta where our company is based to the smaller sister isle of Gozo where we first went directly to the farmhouse to drool over our accommodations and praise the bosses for their fine choice. After a meal from one of the best traditional bakeries on the island, we continued at the start of our team building activities bringing in an expert who specialises in team building.

Team Building Time

beach-team-task-1Most of the activities took place on the beach where we broke into two teams and were challenged mentally to think outside the box and come up with solutions to fun tasks that seemed impossible to solve.

team-task-wth-stringsThese activities taught us a lot about how we handle stress, how our brains are programmed to think with certain situations presented to us and the overall human effect and conditioning that takes place without us realising what is happening. It really got us thinking with the results being able to be used in our personal and business life as well.

It was fun, exciting and exhilarating, a challenging and learning experience we would never forget.

Gozo Exploration here we come!

jesus-statueAs soon as the team building activities were over and done with, we rushed off to explore this small and beautiful paradise. Cave explorations and selfies with the Jesus statue were next. We were all surprised to hear that Gozo like the famous Rio also boasted of a larger than life Jesus statue on a hill so we were eager to hike up to this monument and forever preserve the moment with the standard ‘selfie’.

The hike up was an unintentional team building effort in itself as we all made sure that no one rolled or stumbled down the steep rocky path. We had each other back the whole time going up and back down. 

Mannequin Challenge Anyone?

After the first long full day of activities, sightseeing, and fun, there was a short wine break back at our farmhouse before we headed off to dinner.  Maybe we topped off a bit too much as there was an impromptu decision for an attempt at the viral hit ‘the mannequin challenge’ which we got all too excited for. We must say it was so much fun to create together and over way too quickly.

Another film captured a memory for the books.

Traditional Gozo dinner to top off the first day

dinner-in-gozoOur restaurant was a traditional Gozotian restaurant with the most popular dishes of the territory. The wine was flowing as we exchanged backgrounds and amusing stories from our diverse cultures  (SMSwarriors being made up of different nationalities). Bonding us even closer than before. At the end of the night, our table was a jubilant gathering of satiated colleagues coming together like a true family.

It was then back to the farmhouse to top with some more stories and try to finish the supply of drinks that were catered to us at the house because you know:

”Waste not want not” is that saying and we like to think we do our part for the environment and humanity. You are welcome.

Tomorrow’s another day

Then it was a late night off to bed for the next day’s sightseeing activities before we split up from this brotherhood we created and headed back to the reality of our lives.

Gozo also saw us visiting the Citadel Fort which is known for being one of the films set for the famous ”Game of Thrones” TV series. We spent most of our time there finishing off our selfies and group pics in fine style and historic surroundings before heading back to the ferries to the real world.

girls-jumping-highIn the end, as much as we thought we were already a close group before, we felt tired but a happy and a closer clan than when we started the journey. We look forward to the future and what it holds for us together and know that we can weather anything that life or industry throws at us.