SMS Marketing Advantages in 2017

SMSwarriors: SMS Marketing Advantages

Advantages of SMS Marketing:

Welcome to the future – 2017 and a Happy New Year! There is no better way to start off the year than by focusing on the progression of the SMS marketing world and what lies in store for its future.

We are all aware that SMS marketing is a hot item now. In this day and age, however, we know that things can change in a blink of an eye and there is always something new around the corner.

Seeing that SMS marketing is close to its prime, we feel it is safe to say that it can only advance and get better in the near future. Dominating for the next couple of years until it levels off with the newest trend already born and on its way up and out to take over.

In the meantime, until that happens, we can still explore and profit from SMS marketing, best using it to our advantage.

SMS growth spurt

SMS marketing has been continuously growing. And very soon it will reach its peak, like fine wine. The thrill of receiving an SMS is still strong and this is why it is such a powerful marketing tool now, simply because there is not much SMS traffic that it must fight with to be noticed.

Customer service has also been affected by SMS marketing:

A recent report states that 64% of consumers with texting capabilities prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel.

They also went on to say that:

77% of consumers with texting capabilities aged 18-34 are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability.

There is clear evidence that in the future, customer service and SMS will go hand in hand as the demand has risen for a more convenient and faster service avenue for customer service.

It is also noteworthy to mention the astonishing figure of mobile subscriber growth around the world.

everyone has a mobileAccording to this study, at the end of 2015, there were 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers globally which is equilavent to 63% of the world’s population.

How the customers feel about SMS Marketing

An SMS report studied customers of SMS marketing and broke down their statements about receiving SMS from companies:

I feel that they want to make my life easier – 82%

It improved my experience of the organisation overall – 81%

I’m more likely to read a message sooner if it’s an SMS/text message than if it’s an email – 76%

I think that organisations should use SMS/text messages more than they currently do – 64%

Using SMS/text message is a good way for an organisation to get my attention – 70%

The response to an SMS is extremely powerful still despite the availability of other social medias and apps out there. Studies and reports clearly support the potency of SMS marketing today. With all the available data out there supporting SMS marketing, there is no reason why in 2017, companies and businesses should not take advantage this SMS movement while it is still hot.