Top iGaming companies are turning to SMS Marketing

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for iGaming

Some of the world’s largest iGaming companies are developing successful SMS marketing strategies — and there are good reasons for that

Online gaming is one of the world’s largest growth markets. According to statistics, the industry more than doubled since 2009 and is forecast to grow at an even more astonishing pace. With such a boom in the gambling industry globally, iGaming companies need to find alternative ways to stand out — and take a step above the closest competition in order to attract additional customers. 

On average, SMS open rate is around 97%, which is three times as much as the average email open rate of 27.2%. That’s why an increasing number of gaming companies are jumping on board with us while taking advantage of SMS’s efficiency and reliability. CRM departments are frequently using the power of SMS to support their player retention and get dormant players back. Here are a few ways SMS Marketing can be useful for iGaming companies: 

New users

Well, the point is to encourage new users to deposit money. So why not send a creative text to welcome newly-registered users?

Product launches

Got a new game coming that you know your audience will love? Use SMS to showcase your newest games — you can also provide your customers with special offers. It’s a good idea to put in a deadline to create a sense of urgency.

Build brand awareness

SMS can be an effective marketing tool for boosting brand awareness. Sending fewer messages to the customers that are already subscribed will make it an inexpensive option, but they will also be much more likely to record a success.

Encourage betting with Live Updates

These days, most people can’t survive a day without a mobile phone in their hands, which makes SMS the perfect platform for betting in-play services. The advantage of SMS betting is that customers never need internet connectivity, nor do they need a smartphone.

Update your customers with the latest news

Brevity is key. Unlike email, SMS has a limited amount of space to utilise, so make sure you use it in the best possible way. Rewrite and rewrite until you get it clear and precise. Less is most definitely more when it comes to SMS Marketing.

Get the timing right

SMS is considered a Point of Use tool, it is essential that your timing is right in order for your clients to react to it. However, you should make sure not to bombard your audience because SMS varies considerably to Email marketing. If you flood your audience with texts, trust us, nobody will bat an eyelid! Mondays are frequently considered a poor day to send out texts as most people are very busy after the weekend. Likewise, nobody wants to hear about an offer at 3 am! Think of the times people would be most receptive to your information, potentially lunchtimes or early in the evening.

It’s clear when used the right way, SMS can prove integral to getting back in touch with lost players as well as keeping your brand’s name at the forefront of everybody’s mind! Get in touch with SMSwarriors today to find out more about how our SMS platform can support you.