5 Reasons for Small Businesses to Adopt SMS Marketing

SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for small businesses

SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

If you’re a savvy small business owner, you’re probably already actively trying to acquire new customers by any means available to you.

The real question is – how to start small? Real-world experience shows that customer acquisition is the most challenging part of building a startup.

Getting the word out about your business is a key move. Having people pay for your products or services often follows from that crucial step.

While focusing on the customer will give you the best chance to succeed, it is extremely hard to get people’s attention these days.

The truth is that people hate to receive junk mail or marketing emails – they don’t want to be interrupted and resent being harried into a sale.

Nor does anyone have time to watch TV commercials, and few pay attention to online advertising. Companies need to think of different ways to catch someone’s attention – ideally, ones with a proven track record of success.

Here are some of the reasons to adopt SMS marketing as part of your marketing strategy if you’re a start-up/small business:

A Wider reach:

SMS marketing offers a large potential audience.

According to statistics, 91% of adults keep their mobile within reach, which makes it impossible to ignore the power of a mobile phone.

While inboxes are filled with hundreds of never-opened emails, text messages are an almost guaranteed read.

On average, the open rate for SMS is 97%. This is three times the average email open rate of 27.2% – giving SMS a very definite edge

Personalized texts:

Customers are probably the most important factor to consider when starting a business.

However, getting them on board with you can be one of the most difficult steps. Luckily, small businesses have one huge advantage over big players – many know their customers personally.

Small businesses can use personalised SMS-sending discounts, notifications of sales, and invitations to events – this is going to make customers feel valued.


While many might think that SMS marketing is only for big corporations and big budgets, the reality is rather different.

The truth is SMS marketing won’t break your budget. The service is affordable and you can send hundreds or even thousands of SMS without breaking the bank.

Sending birthday messages:

A small gesture like sending a birthday message can be a very effective form of marketing – everyone loves getting thoughtful messages on their birthdays, after all.

Yet for bigger companies it can be challenging, to say the least. Send birthday messages – it’s your opportunity to differentiate your business from other companies and connect to customers on a personal level.

Short surveys:

Feedback plays a key role in helping a business to become successful and grow. Find out your customers’ opinions about the experience they have with your brand.

This information then can be used to adjust your business to fit their needs more accurately.

But why send a text message? Average click-through rate of SMS is 36% which is forty times more than Facebook advertising and ten times more than email marketing.


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