How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Real Estate Business Growth

SMSwarriors: SMS for Real Estate Business

Text Messaging for Real Estate Business Growth

If you are up-to-date with our blog then you know that the global mobile industry is huge. There are more subscribers than ever before and although it might seem old school to send an SMS, companies in a lot of industries are taking advantage of a large number of mobile users by reaching out to their customers via text message.

In the world of international business, SMS is resurging in popularity. One industry that’s performing well due to SMS marketing and customer service is real estate. Here are some ways realtors are using text messaging to increase their revenue.

  • Use SMS for Events

A realtor runs many different types of events during the year. There are open houses, seminars about off-plan investments, fairs featuring overseas property and auctions to name just a few.

These events are only successful when they attract a good number of attendees. This is where SMS comes in. Real estate companies use SMS to invite a selection from their database and to send reminders, venue updates and time changes closer to the date.

It’s low-cost, direct and means that the message won’t get lost in a crowded email inbox. This is all the more important when the venue is altered or something urgent related to the event needs to be sent. Two-way messaging helps realtors get feedback from attendees after the even so they can improve it the next time it takes place.

  • Use SMS to Send Property Alerts

Many real estate companies advertise property listings on their own websites.

SMS gives these businesses the opportunity to set up an alert service that notifies prospective customers when something that fits their profile is available.

This means they get the alert instantly regardless of whether they have an internet connection and it also stops the message getting lost in their spam folder as often happens with email.

Realtors who use two-way messaging also utilise reply services for these notifications so that customers can instantly set an appointment to view the property they’ve just read about in the SMS. The most effective sender ID is the real estate company’s name since it adds a personal touch. The most successful content includes the direct name and number of the realtor who will be organising the viewing.

  • Use SMS for Tenancy Management

Not all real estate companies specialise in rentals, but when they do have this service then they often offer tenancy management as well.

Two-way SMS via a platform is the perfect way to handle maintenance enquiries or complaints from tenants and to send them notifications when a tradesperson will enter the premises or when an issue has been resolved.

SMS is also used to inform the tenants when a payment has been received or to send them offers for a weekly cleaning service or some gardening assistance.

This is especially useful when managing a large portfolio of rental properties, both residential and commercial and is a great unique selling point to put in any tenancy management proposal to a company or landlord.

  • Use SMS for Lead Generation

Building an opt-in database of prospective customers isn’t easy. But realtors can’t just rely on people who visit their website or who come into their office for business, they need to build data as part of their sales and marketing strategy.

One way that real estate companies build these lists is by sponsoring events attended by students and young professionals, in short, future buyers. When these individuals register their interest, there’s not much point sending marketing messages or property alerts because now is not their time to buy.

However, smart real estate companies engage regularly with these people by sending SMS links containing important advice about home loans or first-time buyer schemes. This puts them at the forefront of the minds of future buyers, so they are their first choice of a realtor when the time is right.

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  • Use SMS for Property Acquisition

Real estate companies need a solid list of properties. They aren’t just looking for buyers, they need a good number of sellers too. Anyone that’s bought, sold or developed a property in the past is a potential seller in the future but to keep such people on a database, it’s important not to bombard them with messages.

Via SMS, real estate companies send useful information on the property industry that keeps these people engaged and happy to remain in contact. When they are ready to sell, once again, the realtor in regular contact with them will be their top choice.


All you need is a reliable and easy to use SMS messaging platform.

If you would like to get started with SMS, feel free to try our service and we promise to get the best results! Use SMSwarriors to make SMS work for you.


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