SMS vs Social Media

SMSwarriors: SMS vs Social Media

SMS vs Social Media: Difference Between SMS and Social Media

With every business keen to jump on board the social media marketing bandwagon, where does this leave the humble SMS? Yes, we know social media is free, but how else can it compare in a war against SMS?

It goes without saying both remain unique means of marketing. Here at SMS Warriors, we take a closer look at facts to establish which one takes home the gauntlet.

SMS vs Social Media: Reach

98% of text messages are read. 29% of tweets are read. 17% of Facebook news feed stories are read. With SMS your users do not have to be set by a computer or within the reach of the internet.

SMS vs Social Media: Attention

An average mobile phone user checks their mobile 76 times per day or every 13 minutes.  Whereas almost half of Facebook users log in less than twice a day.

SMS vs Social Media: Who uses what?

Take the U.K as an example:

There are 82.7 million phone subscriptions

31 million Facebook users

10 million LinkedIn users

15 million Twitter users.

SMS vs Social Media: Control of Content

Facebook and social media allow customers a public forum to express potentially negative feedback (have a look at any banking site!) SMS messaging avoids potential mishaps, if you are looking for feedback, this can be done through a private channel or requesting a callback.

SMS vs Social Media: Behavioral Marketing

The power of SMS allows you to send a message exactly at the moment your clients are most receptive to receive it.

SMS vs Social Media: Staying power

We all know all too often a great post comes up on facebook, and it just takes a few minutes before it is completely lost in the news feed! With SMS you are not fighting against thousands of other people or companies!

The winner….SMS!


All you need is a reliable and easy to use SMS messaging platform.

If you would like to get started with SMS, feel free to try our service and we promise to get the best results! Use SMSwarriors to make SMS work for you.