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SMSwarriors SMS Marketing for Universities

SMS Marketing is the most direct communication channel available. It’s instant deliverability and personal nature makes it more productive channel. Higher education sector is one of most active and engaging industry sectors in the world. Institutions are always in search for an optimal solution to stay engaged with the student community.

Statistics suggest that the youngsters prefer to communicate via text. So, the safe way to communicate with them is through the power of SMS! More and more universities are starting to use SMS Marketing nowadays.

Let us show you a few key ways in which SMS can be a vital tool when communicating with students

SMS Marketing for promotion of key events  

Universities can use SMS to promote free/ ticketed events in advance, such as special conferences or the biggest DJ in town. You can even include a link to ticket booking and event information in the text message. You can also maximize SMS potential to create awareness during Mental Health Awareness week, or go green and Eco-friendly week.

Appointment reminders

Its no wonder that students often forget their appointments, due to the amount of workload, classes, and extracurricular activities. SMS Marketing can solve this problem as well. By simply sending appointment SMS an hour before the scheduled time, you can rest easy knowing that students read it. Furthermore, You can send SMS to students and improve communication on workloads & exams etc.Whether it is a brief update or class cancellations SMS can provide all of this and more.

Library availability 

It’s also a great idea for libraries to use SMS. They can notify students about a new book’s arrival, or if they have any upcoming overdue books.

Emergency updates 

Because of its immediate nature, SMS Marketing is also the perfect channel for sending out emergency updates. For example, if there is any major road works or severe weather, you can send SMS to students. If you have to change the opening timings due to bad weather, you can notify them. Thus SMS marketing also helps to ensure safer environment besides keeping them informed.

SMS Marketing for Student services 

Students can send a keyword using  2-Way SMS communication method, to get more information about anything. For example, when a student sends you the keyword “JOBS”, you can notify of all the available job positions. This way you can keep your Millennials up to date with the latest updates in job market trends.

Student loans, outstanding fee, scholarship and admin updates 

What a better way to know of loan approval than a vibration of a text message. You can notify students of the scholarship or student loan approval by sending them automated SMS. Also, they can send reminders to pay the outstanding fee.

Internal communication 

SMS Marketing is an incredible tool for you if you have to remind the staff about meetings. You can quickly communicate last minute changes to any upcoming event. This cost effective way not only keeps you in touch with staff community but also grows engagement with them.

Keep your students and staff informed & happily engaged with SMS. It’s the best available communication method for universities. Many of the reputed educational institutions & universities are using SMS marketing.

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