SMSwarriors and ANCHOVY. sign new partnership deal

SMSwarriors: Anchovy Partnership

Digital Marketing Agency – ANCHOVY. have signed up a partnership agreement with SMSwarriors as their preferred SMS platform.

Benji Borg, ANCHOVY Co-Founder, commented: “We are delighted to be working with SMSwarriors and are sure that this product complements our product ConvRes™, to improve our conversion rate optimisation services. ConvRes™ uses a combination of UX Research, A/B Testing, Quality traffic and Conversion Rate Optimisation to bring in big results. When brands want to generate 4X to 20X ROI, they turn to the ConvRes™. Developed by ANCHOVY. it is the go-to framework worldwide for optimising conversions.” He went on to elaborate, “With more time to plan and an enthusiastic partner in SMSwarriors, everything is looking great.”

Jonathan Caruana, SMSwarriors CEO added, “We observed with great enthusiasm the good deed that this boutique agency has been doing for a number of its clients and are thrilled that they will be working more closely with us.”

To open an account with SMSwarriors is as easy as ABC and is totally free of charge. Please visit our website and start monetizing your database today!