SMSwarriors is now a registered trademark

SMSwarriors® Trademark

SMSwarriors® has successfully acquired and registered the trademark in European Union (EU) countries

We are pleased to announce that legal experts have examined our trademark application and SMSwarriors’ name is now a registered trademark in the EU, issued by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This means we get an extra layer of protection as well as the ability to use the SMSwarriors’ distinctive design exclusively.

SMSwarriors has a simple, yet powerful logo that symbolises the brand. The company’s name is derived from the words SMS and warriors, which is exactly what SMSwarriors does — it’s a smart SMS Marketing software which empowers you to boost your conversions.

CEO of SMSwarriors Jonathan Caruana, says, «With such a strong brand name and image, it is important for us to establish an even stronger foothold in the marketing and advertising industry. It’s another step towards our vision to becoming the global leader with our SMS marketing platform.»