Top Trending Mobile Marketing Strategies 2018

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Mobile Marketing Strategies 2018

It’s the time of year for future gazing, so here are four mobile marketing strategies to look out for in 2018

We have the world at our fingertips. With our attention turning away from the long-established forms of advertising, the power of the mobile phone cannot be denied. It has changed the way we interact, research and even shop – it’s no wonder marketers try to keep up with the speed of change in consumer behavior and strategize accordingly. So what are the trending buzzwords when it comes to marketing in 2018?

Video marketing

Video marketing is huge. According to statistics, “The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 3.25 billion.” Have you ever innocently watched one video then curiously clicked onto another and another until you’ve lost all track of time? We have all been there. Perhaps, video is taking marketing by storm because it is the form of advertising that can both satisfy people’s information and entertainment needs. Video marketing is forecasted to grow further in 2018.

SMS marketing

What are we doing on our phones? Everything! That’s why it’s not difficult to see why SMS marketing is on this list. The mobile research report shows that total time spent by users on their phones is 4 hours 15 minutes per day. When it comes to potential reach, SMS is peerless.On average SMS open rate is around 97%, which is three times as much as the average email open rate of 27.2%. Smartphones enable advertisers to research their customers to access data and interact with them directly to offer deals that may drive sales. This alone makes text messages a perfect marketing tool for our mobile-focused world.

Personalised advertising

Personalised advertising means that companies can now get access to our personal data and tailor their content based on our gender, geolocation, and interests… to name just a few. Facebook is a good example of this – have you ever noticed it trying to sell you a hotel room in Amsterdam just an hour after you read that article about the city’s best galleries, bars and restaurants? That’s how many companies have found personalised marketing a significant expansion of their advertising ambitions.

Location-based marketing

Many companies have already discovered the strategic value of location data. Think wildly successful taxi apps that connect a driver with a passenger based on GPS. The GPS-fueled technology behind Uber made it the most valuable startup of 2015 according to Forbes. The app is now valued at anywhere from $50 billion to $70 billion. Marketers are using location data to approach their potential customers. They can provide just-in-time, context-aware offers to anyone with a smartphone. Would you be able to resist passing by a coffee shop if it has just sent you a text message that says your favourite hazelnut latte is now discounted to 50%? I can smell it already.

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