How to Use SMS and Skyrocket Your Affiliate Business

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SMS Marketing for Affiliates 

Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically over the years.

As new technologies enter the fray, affiliates who have leapt on the bandwagon have seen success within their niche.

A rise in improved technology has paved the way for mobile marketing. Users can shop easily from any device, leading to increased sales. SMS remains one of the most effective and efficient tools in a marketers toolbox.

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It’s a small world

SMS (Short Message Service) has many benefits of its own. Unlike other forms of mobile marketing, it doesn’t rely on an internet connection to work.

On an average SMS open rate is 97%, which is three times as much as the average email open rate of 27.2%.

It also doesn’t depend on being a Smartphone owner. Anyone with a basic mobile phone and a phone number can receive SMS. That’s 87% of the world’s population, according to data from the International Telecommunication Union.

The full package

SMS at first glance might sound limiting. After all, it can’t offer the kind of visually attractive media an email can. Word limit is restricted to 160 characters too.

SMS can still pack a punch though. From competitions to feedback polls, there’s a lot that marketers can do to grab their customers attention. Polling is especially useful in helping create a strong relationship between the customer and marketer.

It provides valuable feedback and can steer marketers towards the kind of change customers want to see. You can also engage with users through ringtones and animations as well as the standard text. For busy people always on the go, simpler is often better.


Compared to the cost of sending an email, SMS is the more expensive option.

In the long run though, when you consider the much higher open rate and read rate SMS boasts, it definitely offers you more bang for your buck.

So what do affiliate marketers need to know before running an SMS campaign?

  • Grow your opt-in list. This isn’t discretionary, it’s a must.
  • Give your subscriber list some TLC. Show your subscribers some care, and they will stay on your list.
  • Be clear and concise when writing SMS campaigns. Brevity is the sister of talent – and a major strength of SMS.
  • Don’t overwhelm customers with too many messages. It’s a bad idea because there are diminishing returns on excessive volume – even if you don’t lose subscribers outright.
  • Know your customer base. SMS campaigns should be as unique as your customers.
  • Mobile marketing campaigns need constant attention. They’re only as good as your ability to adjust.

As more businesses twig on to the idea that Text message communication is the way forward, it should continue to grow at an exponential rate.

SMS messaging is by far the simplest and quickest way available to reach customers.

Unlike a social media post which can get lost in the feed, an SMS is guaranteed to reach its target.

The more businesses realise that SMS is an excellent way to begin communicating with their customers – the more they will be rewarded with loyalty. SMS has the benefit of industry longevity. It’s been here a while and it works.



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