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The Power of SMS marketing

8.6 billion Mobile devices in use

23 billion SMS sent worldwide each day

97% of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it

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91% of adults keep their mobile within arm's reach. It only takes a few seconds to deliver your message into the hands of the right audience. Unlike email, facebook & others, SMS doesn't need internet. Its instant deliverability makes it an excellent investment.

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Being an SME with a limited budget or a big enterprise which spend millions on marketing, SMS can yield the best return on investment when compared to any traditional marketing channels. It only costs few cents to send an SMS!

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Emails consume a lot of time to be crafted and designed well but SMS doesn’t! It’s far easier to send an SMS campaign than any other campaign. So you optimize the time and thereby get more value with SMS!

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Average response time of an SMS is 90 sec which is 2400x faster than Email (2.5 days). As the Mobile Marketing Association suggests, people are 5x more responsive to SMS than direct mail. Higher response rate keeps you more engaged with your customers.

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Average click-through rate of SMS is 36% which is 40x more than Facebook advertising and 10x more than Email marketing. SMS marketing produces more conversions mainly because it keeps your marketing message short and simple.

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SMS marketing ensures the most out of your marketing campaigns as it allows you to explore the delivery reports, and analyze clicks & actions taken by your customers. It’s that easy to track your success.

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The vibration on the mobile is enough to open a text. You don’t need to keep figuring out fancy email subjects or facebook magic pixels. On an average SMS open rate is 98%, which is three times as much as the average email open rate 0f 27.2%.

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Most of the times, customers make an immediate purchase decision when you communicate faster. SMS is the most direct communication channel available. It is proved that SMS fosters long-lasting bonds with customers because of its direct connectivity.

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 SMS is a simple and yet powerful tool to inject a message in a short and crispy way. It may be hard to achieve ROI from your Facebook advertising efforts but not from SMS as it delivers serious figures as much as 1500%. 

Why should I choose SMSwarriors?

Using a platform is all about making your daily life easier. SMSwarriors platform keeps this as its top priority.

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Our web platform is a simple and yet powerful tool to launch SMS campaigns. It can be mastered easily because of its intuitive interface.



Our platform is safe & secure, using cutting edge cloud security to protect you. Work with a company you can trust, who's everyday bread and butter is to make sure your data is safe!



We have global direct connections with high-quality routes offering a stable & reliable delivery within few seconds along with reports and analysis.



Our goal is to add value, therefore, we provide excellent value for your money. We have customized offers according to your budget.You pay only for your usage. No contracts and no complications! 



Take advantage of our powerful API through REST or SMPP and use SMSwarriors even with your existing software systems. Our easy and straightforward guide helps you to integrate within few hours.

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