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SMSwarriors is built with your goals in mind. This is why our clients love our award winning platform.

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    Boost your reach.

    Nothing comes close to SMS in terms of reach. By far SMS is the most direct way to reach your clients and leads.

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    Build a brand that will last.

    SMSwarriors is a much more direct and personal way to contact your clients, build an intimate bond between your brand and them.

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    Be loyal to your customers

    Stand out of the competition and build customer loyalty by keeping them up to date with your latest updates.

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    Be more efficient.

    Competitors never sleep, therefore one of the most important aspects in marketing is having an efficient time management.

Our services

  • Web SMS platform

    Send, deliver and manage high-volume SMS campaigns from wherever you are through our cloud-based, user-friendly web SMS platform.

  • Number validation

    Number Validation/HLR Lookup ensures that your numbers are not inactive or invalid. Keep your database clean and minimise your SMS costs.

  • API / SMPP

    Send SMS or make use of our HLR services through our easy to integrate API. Alternatively connect to our SMPP platform for high volume, low latency SMS delivery.

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Using a platform is all about making your daily life easier. SMSwarriors platform keeps this as its top priority.

Look no further. We are the most effective SMS marketing platform.

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